Topic #1: Preparing to Drive
Topic #2: Vehicle Controls
Topic #3: Moving off the Kerb and Stopping (return to kerb)
Topic #4: Steering the Wheel
Topic #5: Changing Gear (Manual / Automatic)
Topic #6: Scanning
Topic #7: Reversing
Topic #8: Simple Traffic
Topic #9: Parking
Topic #10: Complex Traffic
Topic #11: Changing Lanes
Topic #12: Speed Management
Topic #13: Road Positioning
Topic #14: Decision Making
Topic #15: Responding to Hazards
Topic #16: Driving at Night
Topic #17: Driving in Adverse Condition
Topic #18: Country Driving
Topic #19: City and Motorway
Topic #20: Prepare for the Driving Test

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Automatic & Manual

At AABEEDAR Driving School we offer both automatic and manual driving lessons. We offer constructive learning programs across both types of transmissions and tailor our lessons to suit learers at different levels of proficiencies.


In AABEEDAR, we have the best professional approach according to our students and their parents. We have learned how to teach efficiently and we are capable to speed up learning process. We are confident to assure you that it is possible to pass the test in first attempt. AABEEDAR learning programs with structured lesson plans provide you the first class tuition in Australia.

Secondly, you are going to save money with our learning programs. You would be in a better position to learn at quicker pace.

Thirdly, in order to become one of the safer drivers, AABEEDAR Driving School allows you to learn defensive driving techniques that will reduce your odds of having an accident consequently learning at its finest.

Fourthly, learn how to drive on late model cars - AABEEDAR allows you to learn on cars no older than three years old.

All new learner-drivers that purchase a package of lessons receive a free electronic tutional links to help in their progress. If you're considering taking automatic or manual driving lessons with AABEEDAR please contact us now to make an enquiry.


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